Welcome to North Texas Converter, where the quality of our product and customer satisfaction are among our highest priorities. Despite our name, our background began with building high end GM RWD racing transmissions with a special emphasis on the 4L80E and TH400. We are not just your average transmission or converter shop, even by the performance world’s standards. When you buy through us, you are getting several huge advantages over most other shops in the industry such as:

– Highly competitive pricing
– Unmatched customer service and attention to detail
– The benefit of having both your transmission and converter built in house to YOUR vehicle’s specs and QC’d by a team of professionals who have the ability and the knowledge to ensure EVERYTHING is setup correctly before it ever leaves the door by rigorously dyno testing every transmission and converter combo
– An industry leading 1 year warranty on transmissions and a 3 year warranty on converters
– A team of people who are not simply parts builders but rather people who design and engineer their own custom parts for transmissions and converters in an effort to continually improve the quality of the product being put out

We are continually pushing the envelope on our builds and enjoy finding ways to do so, starting from a bare concept to CAD design to a final product sitting on the CNC table.

Our builds are primarily for high horsepower street cars however we have been known to have our hands in a Pro Mod setup or two and can more than accommodate the more hardcore racers where the average build isn’t quite going to cut it. Rest assured, the builds are all as street-able as possible unless specifically requested otherwise.

If you’ve just blown up your current transmission or are planning the next phase of your project’s drive train and are in the market, give us a call and let us help you out, because when a split second counts, you can count on North Texas Converter!