Who are you guys?

We are North Texas Converter, the latest and greatest shop for high performance torque converters and GM racing transmissions in the state of Texas. Our clients span a broad spectrum, from stock daily drivers, to high horsepower street machines, to Pro Mod world record seekers and even a magazine cover car or two.


Why should I choose you for my project?

It’s quite simple really. Every step of the build process is done with the utmost attention to detail to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product possible. We are a small shop and do not worry about creating a production line assembly and prefer to take the time necessary to build it the best we know we can. If you are someone who has no problem sacrificing quality in order to save a few bucks, we’re probably not for you. However, we are very reasonable people and can work with a various assortment of budgets, so don’t hesitate to fill out a custom spec sheet no matter how much or how little you have set aside for the project, and no matter how large or small an order may be, the same stringent quality control standards we set in house go into every product.



What do you specialize in?

We specialize in GM RWD transmissions and converters, but have extensive experience with Ford and Dodge converters as well. As for transmissions, our biggest specialty is by far the 4L80E. We believe it to be GM’s best automatic 4-speed transmission to date and it has the track history to back it up. Despite the age of the shop’s history, everyone behind it has years of experience with this transmission and we have put in an enormous amount of research and development into this transmission and made our fair share of industry contributions.




Is there a discount if I purchase a transmission and converter combo?




What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 1 year warranty on transmissions and a 3 year warranty on converters with the addition of 1 free re-stall during the time you own the converter. Just ship it back to us, we’ll cut it open, clean it, re-stall it, repaint it if needed and send it back home to you! We do have a transmission dyno in house and all transmissions (and their respective converters if ordered through us as well) are thoroughly and rigorously dyno’d to ensure it meets our standards of performance before it goes out to you.