The TH350 is a deceptively strong little transmission and often underestimated for it’s capabilities. While not as capable as a TH400 in the extreme power range, it’s a strong contender with an attractive price point. It’s GM’s “other” famous 3 speed automatic, and we have built them successfully for numerous drag and street applications.

Base build options

All TH350’s built by us regardless of build level, come with the following options, rated to 500hp.

  • Full rebuild kit
  • New clutches
  • New band
  • New seals
  • New gaskets
  • New filters
  • New bushings throughout
  • New thrust washers
  • New modulator
  • New pan
  • Increased friction count
  • Dual fed 3rd gear clutches
  • NTC hydraulic modifications throughout

Level I TH350 – Starting at $1,450

A nice stout little transmission, the base model includes everything mentioned above and the pricing includes core cost.

Level II TH350 – Starting at $1,950

The level II TH350 includes all of the above with the addition of a 36 element super drum, replacing the stock roller clutch style drum. Other options available as well such as billet input shafts, aftermarket gearsets, and more! Give us a call for more details.