NTC Warranty Policy

All North Texas Converter torque converters come with a standard three (3) year warranty and transmissions carry a one (1) year warranty. The warranty is in effect upon the buyer receiving the product from the shipper.

Warranty work is covered on a priority basis and parts repair or replacement is to be done at North Texas Converter’s discretion. We will not send replacement parts or units until we have received the original defective part or unit.

Customer is responsible for shipping charges for returns back to North Texas Converter, however in the event that the defect or problems with the unit are parts or workmanship related on our end, we will cover return shipping to the customer. Conversely, if the problems arise from improper installation or mishandling then round-trip shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. If the buyer is unable to arrange shipping then North Texas Converter will arrange for shipment after customer has paid an agreed upon surcharge to North Texas Converter.

Under no circumstance shall North Texas Converter bear any financial responsibility in excess of the original purchase price nor will we refund any amount exceeding the original purchase price.

North Texas Converter’s warranty covers defects in parts or workmanship only. North Texas Converter does NOT warranty failures for any of the following reasons:

  • Any product that has been physically altered or improperly installed. If you have no experience installing transmissions and/or converters, it is highly recommended that you pay a professional in your area to do the work. This is not a job you want to do one evening with a couple of friends tossing back some beers. Is the transmission/converter combo you just spent several thousand on really worth the risk?
  • Any product abused, misused, or used in incorrect application. Be honest with us upfront about your application and build details. We believe in complete customer confidentiality for those wary of build details being made public and you can rest assured what business you have with North Texas Converter, stays with North Texas Converter. If you’re making 900rwhp with an added 250 shot of nitrous, but neglected to tell us about the spray, the warranty becomes null and void.
  • Disassembly of any product by means other than a North Texas Converter employee will void any warranty excluding a fluid or filter change provided the filter is correct for the application.
  • Any product where proper cooling and/or fluid levels have not been maintained. Always flush coolers and lines before install!
  • Any type of torque converter failure which has contaminated or damaged the transmission. If your converter came out of a bad transmission, an old core, or was installed in any transmission that experienced a failure of any kind, always have the converter cut, cleaned and inspected before re-install of the new transmission to ensure the highest possibility of no failures or problems shortly thereafter down the road.
  • In a perfect world, no one would ever have to read this page and there would be no need to worry about warranties, but things happen and we understand that. Everyone at North Texas Converter is a fan of fast cars, racing and having fun and we build our products to do just that; race and have fun. Many companies will not warranty their work for racing applications, and we do not agree with that. However, even the strongest built transmissions have their flaws by design, and for example things like doing burn outs in 2nd gear on your 4L80E are crucial for long term survival, a happy transmission and a happy buyer. Our goal is for every customer to be 100% satisfied, and we are willing to work with you as best as we can to ensure you’re happy in every way possible.